Reverend Bruce Sleczkowski, Pastor

Phone:  412.276.5562 


Office Hours: Fridays 9 - 11 AM, or by Appointment

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Liturgical Information

Sunday Mass - 9 and 11 AM


Abbreviated Holy Week services will be held, but attendance is discouraged.

Holy Week Schedule

Stations of the Cross
Service for devotions at home.


Holy Family Parish is a community of Catholic Christians who follow the doctrines and practices of the National Catholic Rite. The National Catholic Church is a sacramentally based Catholic community which proclaims and celebrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ as practiced by the Undivided Church of the first thousand years. As a parish family we will minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the community. 

Our key mission will be:

1. Come to Christ for salvation

2. Ask God to empower us with his spirit.

3. Seek God's will in His Word

4. Pray, trusting in the Power of the Spirit.

These are the recommendations from the Prime Bishop and the Bishops of the church.  "The Church doors will be open for all the celebrations, but it is recommended to stay home or keep a social distance if attending the liturgy."


Letter from Bishop Mack

Palm Sunday Liturgy for Home Service

Increasing our discipleship in response to the Covid-19 outbreak



YMSR Bowling Tournament
YMSR Spiritual Retreat
2020 Youth Convocation
May 29-31
June 18-20
July 20-24