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Sunday Mass  -- 10 AM

Holy Trinity Sunday
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June is Sacred Vocations Month

For many years now the Polish National Catholic Church has celebrated the month of June as Sacred Vocations Month. The need for priests to serve the Church is always a concern and it is up to all of us to encourage young men to consider a Sacred Vocation. As faithful members of God’s Holy Church, we all depend on the ministries of our parish priests and deacons. It is therefore the responsibility of all to bring men to the altar. All National Catholics are encouraged to pray daily for the increase of Vocations.

Upcoming Events

United YMS of R Retreat                June 14-17, 2023
Father's Day Breakfast                    June 18, 2023
PNU District 5 Meeting                   July 15, 2023
Diocesan Youth Retreat                  July 30 - August 2, 2023
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