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There are many ministries with the parish that need your help. Ministries include Music, Greeters, Ushers, Acolytes, Sacristans, Alter Linen Care, Floral Arrangements, Lectors, Mission, Fundraising and Assisting with Financial Collections. There are many more!
We all have the responsibility to assist in building His Church. We should not leave it for the other person to do our work for us!


If you wish to receive our weekly bulletin by email, please simply send an empty email with the title BULLETIN to

 The Living Tree

Holy Family Parish is much like a living tree.  Jesus is the trunk and we are the branches. The roots of the tree are firmly planted in the living soil of the Gospel.  The Living Tree in the narthex testifies to the wonderful achievements of lives and faith.  It is a living history of our parish community. For more information and order forms, check out the book rack in the narthex.

University of Pittsburgh 
Global Study Abroad

In memory of Dr. Donald Mushalko, the Polish Room Committee is offering a $4000.00 scholarship to study in Poland.  GPA Requirements: in good academic standing; Eligibility: Full time or Degree seeking student graduate. Scholarship Information: Nationality Room Scholarship Graduate, University of Pittsburgh.  

Contact information: email:

Tel:1-412-648-7413 and/or 

Fax: 1-412-383-716

Parish Fair Share

The 2023 Parish Envelopes are in the Church Narthex.

Mandatory Offerings

General Church Fund $100.00

Diocesan Development $40.00

6% Fund $25.00

Parish Fair Share Offering:  Minimum $300.00 per adult member.


Keep in mind that our parish Fair Share Offering includes only the funds that remain in our parish (Sunday Donations) and not the special envelopes that go to Special Designations and Feast Days of the Church. If there is no envelope with your name, contact the parish office and one will be issued. Adult membership are those 18 years and working; College students are exempt until graduation. Children are encouraged to make stewardship offering and are exempt from the Fair Share Adult requirements.


Rules pertaining to all of the parish cemeteries can be viewed under the Holy Family link of the website directory.

Cemetary Courtesies

  • We ask that ALL ground level artificial decorations be removed by April 1 and be taken home for storage or disposal as we no longer offer refuse removal.

  • Please do not use the dirt bin for disposal as it contaminates the topsoil.

  • Artificial decorations may be placed year-round on the monuments.

  • Live planted flowers are fine and add beauty of the grounds. Flowers will be removed when overtaken by weeds.

  • Again, we could use any assistance as we are getting older and fewer in numbers. Thank You.


Help To help defray costs, help is needed to maintain our parish cemeteries cuttings.  If you can help, contact our parish chairman, Ted Gibala @ 412.678.7347 or Tom Popovic @ 724.243.3033.

 Also, don’t forget to make your

donations to the Cemetery Fund. Envelopes can  be found in your Church Offering Packets.

The Polish National Alliance 
has something for everyone!

Family of 5 – We can help
Grandparents of 8 – We can help
Widow/Widower – We can help
Divorced with Children – We can help 
Single – We can help 
College Student – We can help 

Regardless of your status in life, we offer many ways to provide financial security for you and your family.  Contact Henrietta Kleckner@ 724.863.6715 or call the PNU Head Office at 1.800.724.6352
for more information.


One of the benefits of the PNU is the Education and Youth Commission are stipends the commission gives to its members yearly.  Last year, 51 stipends were given to college and technical/trade students. To help supplement funds, a special raffle is taking place. Raffle tickets are available on the bulletin table in the Narthex. Help support this endeavor.

The Polish Bard

Efforts are being made to reorganize the Bard.  If you would like to sing and join, contact Wendy Blotzer @412.203.1747.  The Bard sings at diocesan events that are held.      

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